Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big changes personally & professionally

So a lack of blogging this month can be attributed to a lack of playing. First - I decided that since I'm playing 50NL, I can make the move to PokerStars as I put in sufficient volume to probably make SuperNova. Security, software, reputation, ease of cashing out (and no fees) lead to this decision.

So while I've been waiting to get the money moved around, I've been donking around in the microlimits without much traction. A real lack of focus mostly but some slightly bigger concerns as I wasn't even able to control tilt at 2NL. Very laughable.

But then a bigger change came professionally as I received a promotion and am now management. We also had a couple other issues come up at work that needed immediate attention so I've been putting in increased hours as well.

And my wife is only 2 months away from delivering our first, a baby girl.

This all means that my time on the table will continue to be reduced. Which I'm actually ok with. With that said, my desire to become a solid, winning player and fly through the limits has never been greater.

An awfully strange juxtaposition indeed. So how do I accomplish becoming great with limited time?

Simply make better use of my time.