Friday, September 26, 2008

Instantly down 1 BI again...

And once again, battles all the way back to finish +1 BI. Damn i'm good.

and to pull an old old cliche:



(p.s. at least I'm having fun though! Seriously, I'm enjoying the game more than I ever have before =)

Another Positive Day

Up 1 BI after about a 1.5 hour session. That despite losing a buy-in right at the start through a combination of bad luck and terrible play.

I'll try to describe the scenario as best as I can despite not having the HH in front of me.

I'm sitting in the CO with Qh7h. The table is mostly tight players with one fish. I like isolating fish as I generally try to win big or lose small against them. This fish was playing 49/3 over a small sample size (15-20 hands) and was sitting on a 4 buy-in stack. I was licking my chops. I raise 3x BB, get called by shorstack on the button (he is of no concern as he is exceptionally loose-passive and easy to play against). BB Fish defends and calls as well

Flop comes 346 rainbow. Checked to me. I raise 3/4 pot, a sizable amount. Button folds. BB calls? Hmmm....oh well, I have a gutter, two-overs and a backdoor flush draw.

5h on the turn. Beautiful. BB Fish raises? What? Hmmm...I repop 3x his donkbet. He shoves instantly. Talk about transaparent. His range is any 7 for a split pot, or any 2 for the butt-end of the straight. Only hands that beat me are the 78 combos.

I call pretty quickly, figuring that this is split and we can move on to the next hand.

River. 8c.

I look away from the screen at the tv briefly. Look back at the screen. I'm broke at the table.


Opponent had 7c9c. Hit a wonderful 3 outter to rake the entire pot. Bastard and his stupid luck.

My mistake in the hand was reraising after his donkbet on the turn. I have position and the second nuts at this point with an opportunity to improve with the flush draw. I should flat call here and let him fire again at the river. I can make my decision then and essentially control the size of the pot. If we're tied, no use increasing the pot size just to pay off Pokerstars.

Ahh well...lesson learned: DONT FORGET ABOUT POSITION!

I battled back and got positive for the day, my only goal for now.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Access Restored: +3 BIs

Had a good 2 hour session after work yesterday and finished up 2 BIs despite have AA < QQ for 1.5 BIs and a set beat by runner runner flush all in on the flop for 3/4 a BI.

Primarily because of a SuperSpewtard. Definition of a SuperSpewtard: playing a cash game like the 1st hour of a rebuy, shoving ATC preflop in an attempt to build a big stack where he then slows down and tries to bully the table.

Unfortunately for this SuperSpewtard the table filled quickly with good players that were onto his game.

He lost approx 10 BIs in 180 hands. While he had his fair share of suckouts to get up to above 5 or 6 BIs at the table, he always seemed to lose that stack despite slowing down slightly.

After SuperSpewtard left, the table broke but not before the comments came out on how each person remaining at the table had played him previously and actively looked to sit down with him.

I hope he's back tonight.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st Hand Today

and it continues....


EDIT: Just to let you know, I ended up playing for 1 hour, 221 hands and finished with 1/5 BI profit (a rate of 11.76 BB/100). Managed to stay focused this time around.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Done making positive posts...

Because every time I do, I proceed to get my ass handed to me on a f'in platter.

Down 7.5 BIs in 1230hands. Pathetic.

Combination of coolers (2x KK vs AA, 2x I had Kxss suited and my opponent held Axss for a better flush) and playing terribly combined with life tilt (I work in financial industry for a mutual fund sales...)

and my big hands aren't getting paid off.

F'in bullshit.

My decisions are clouded and I'm just not cutting it. Time to drop down again for a while.

This is what I've been dealing with btw. This shit adds up fast:

cockfuck timed down before he called with his nut flush as well. asshole.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Focus "On" = Good Results

Slowly grinding back some of my losses by really trying to make sure my focus is "on" when I'm playing. I also make sure I review some of the strategy post that I'm working on, before and while I am playing as well. As a result, I've won a couple buy-ins at FullTilt and managed to make 1.5 BIs back on PokerStars as well while maintaining control of my tables and playing an enjoyable, active style.

Speaking of that infamous post, I'm still working on it. My place of work has decided to block my ability to post through blogspot while at work (like the page shows up but the little bar at the top is blocked by the company filters).

Really hampers my posting ability because when I'm at home, I want to be playing.

Hopefully this weekend will allow me time to wrap it up.

That is all for now.

Take care,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Great return from vacation....

I wish. AK on a AKx board....get it all in. Villian has AA.

30 seconds later on another table. AK on a Kxx board. Get it all in. Villian has AA.

Sweet, down 2 buy ins in 10 minutes.

Break time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The morning after...

And all is right in the world. Despite a brutal evening of poker, I'm feeling refreshed and excited about my prospects in poker.

The reason being is that I absolutely know that I am playing very good poker right now. I'm identifying the type of villian very quickly and using this to exploit them for big gains. Take out a couple of very unfortunate hands and I'm looking at a very very strong bb/100 rate.

Whereas last week, I struggled immensley with the 54/45/3 bully. I am now exploiting their aggression through a variety of means for maximum value (slowplaying big hands, calling down lightly with 2nd pair type hands when I have a good read, 3betting and 4betting light with hands that aren't dominated (suited connectors under 10 for example). Now when I see a bully, I see opportunity instead of seeing a tough session.

The TOURIST was still causing me some minor issues last night. The Tourist is your 45/8/1-2 player, the callstation. I cbet too often and got called down very lighly by these douchebags. They're the ones hitting their 2 and 3 outters on the river. Just have to be a little more careful when scare cards come and practice more pot control, less greed.

My favorite player to play against is the DRUNK. The 80/20/5 type of player. Overplays all marginal hands. Just can crush these guys.

Anyways, that's a sneak peek into what I'm working on. A lot of it is based on what I have learned from a recent CardRunners video. Basic stuff that goes a long, long ways.

That is all.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

1/2 hour later.....

Got off tilt and got patient.

And for once, got rewarded:


Hard to win when this $hit happens.

Perfect read on both these twats...knew they would call PRE very very lightly...

and bullshit abounds:

To recap, I was a 70% fav vs 18% for JT vs 12% for KQ. By the time the hand was finished, I lost to both of them. Good thing this was at 10NL.

I'm travelling back to Iowa with the new wife for a reception my parents are hosting for us. Will be a good break I guess.

F'in poker.

Good mood crushed...

ERASED most of original post. No reason to share the details of my running bad. Suffice to say I lost 4 BIs at 25NL, all due to terrible luck in rapid succession in less than 15 minutes after playing terrifically for most of the night (was up 2 BIs then a 2 outer, two 3 outers, and 2 massive coolers (top 2 vs top set, middle 2 vs top and bottom 2).

That is all.

Still working on my first major strategy post...

You know, the ones that actually contain correct grammar, screenshots, and a well thought out beginning, middle, and end. Like the ones that take more than 5 minutes to write.

But I did want to post that I am crushing 10NL on Full Tilt. 30bb/100 over 1500 hands during month of September. Gotta love small sample sizes!!!

That is all.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Table Selection @ Micros

Howdy all. I'm back from a wonderful honeymoon. Fantastic wedding (full Catholic wedding + an energetic, engaging, and charismatic priest = much better ceremony than most of our guests expected).

I'm trying to get caught up on the blogosphere. 840+ new posts per Google Reader to go through. This may take me a while.

But I did want to go over a concept I've done a terrible job of focusing on and it has most likely hampered my winrate more than I ever expected. Table selection.

This will be my focus for the month of September. I will be looking for tables that are filled with decent stack sizes around the 3/4th to full BI stacks with high VPIP rates. I should be able to spot at least two bad players within the first few orbits. If those players do not exist, I will practice a concept I haven't before. Table de-selection. If said fish are busted and leave, I will wait a few orbits to see how their replacements play. If the table gets tougher, I will leave. There must be at least 2 bad players on every table from now on. No point in fighting a hard fight when there is an easy one.

More later. Work beckons.