Monday, September 8, 2008

Table Selection @ Micros

Howdy all. I'm back from a wonderful honeymoon. Fantastic wedding (full Catholic wedding + an energetic, engaging, and charismatic priest = much better ceremony than most of our guests expected).

I'm trying to get caught up on the blogosphere. 840+ new posts per Google Reader to go through. This may take me a while.

But I did want to go over a concept I've done a terrible job of focusing on and it has most likely hampered my winrate more than I ever expected. Table selection.

This will be my focus for the month of September. I will be looking for tables that are filled with decent stack sizes around the 3/4th to full BI stacks with high VPIP rates. I should be able to spot at least two bad players within the first few orbits. If those players do not exist, I will practice a concept I haven't before. Table de-selection. If said fish are busted and leave, I will wait a few orbits to see how their replacements play. If the table gets tougher, I will leave. There must be at least 2 bad players on every table from now on. No point in fighting a hard fight when there is an easy one.

More later. Work beckons.



  1. Table selection is so important to your bottom line. i see so many regs sitting there playing other regs.

    When you table select try looking for donkey stacks before you sit down. i wrote an article on it here.

  2. indeedio ryverrat. That's where the 3/4 stacks come into play. I just couldn't remember the term you used to refer to them. If I understand correctly, the donkey stack is more than a half stack but less than a full stack. These are the guys that don't auto-reload for a variety of reasons, nearly all that point to the fact that they are most likely fish to dine upon.

    I read your post shortly before vacation, just haven't had a chance to comment on yet =)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is generally a good idea. Be prepeared to get bad beats though. Yesterday I had a guy who went 50% of the hands all in..... Overall I made 80% of the cases the right calls....and winning around 20% of the hands. The poker GOD must be supporting idiot players with nice flops.

  4. and a congratulations on your marriage. :)

  5. Thanks river!

    I'm working on a follow-up post on this topic; going to be my most in-depth post ever with specific examples of position, table selection, and player types. Your "donk stack" theory will also be referenced =)