Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Positive Day

Up 1 BI after about a 1.5 hour session. That despite losing a buy-in right at the start through a combination of bad luck and terrible play.

I'll try to describe the scenario as best as I can despite not having the HH in front of me.

I'm sitting in the CO with Qh7h. The table is mostly tight players with one fish. I like isolating fish as I generally try to win big or lose small against them. This fish was playing 49/3 over a small sample size (15-20 hands) and was sitting on a 4 buy-in stack. I was licking my chops. I raise 3x BB, get called by shorstack on the button (he is of no concern as he is exceptionally loose-passive and easy to play against). BB Fish defends and calls as well

Flop comes 346 rainbow. Checked to me. I raise 3/4 pot, a sizable amount. Button folds. BB calls? Hmmm....oh well, I have a gutter, two-overs and a backdoor flush draw.

5h on the turn. Beautiful. BB Fish raises? What? Hmmm...I repop 3x his donkbet. He shoves instantly. Talk about transaparent. His range is any 7 for a split pot, or any 2 for the butt-end of the straight. Only hands that beat me are the 78 combos.

I call pretty quickly, figuring that this is split and we can move on to the next hand.

River. 8c.

I look away from the screen at the tv briefly. Look back at the screen. I'm broke at the table.


Opponent had 7c9c. Hit a wonderful 3 outter to rake the entire pot. Bastard and his stupid luck.

My mistake in the hand was reraising after his donkbet on the turn. I have position and the second nuts at this point with an opportunity to improve with the flush draw. I should flat call here and let him fire again at the river. I can make my decision then and essentially control the size of the pot. If we're tied, no use increasing the pot size just to pay off Pokerstars.

Ahh well...lesson learned: DONT FORGET ABOUT POSITION!

I battled back and got positive for the day, my only goal for now.


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