Thursday, September 25, 2008

Access Restored: +3 BIs

Had a good 2 hour session after work yesterday and finished up 2 BIs despite have AA < QQ for 1.5 BIs and a set beat by runner runner flush all in on the flop for 3/4 a BI.

Primarily because of a SuperSpewtard. Definition of a SuperSpewtard: playing a cash game like the 1st hour of a rebuy, shoving ATC preflop in an attempt to build a big stack where he then slows down and tries to bully the table.

Unfortunately for this SuperSpewtard the table filled quickly with good players that were onto his game.

He lost approx 10 BIs in 180 hands. While he had his fair share of suckouts to get up to above 5 or 6 BIs at the table, he always seemed to lose that stack despite slowing down slightly.

After SuperSpewtard left, the table broke but not before the comments came out on how each person remaining at the table had played him previously and actively looked to sit down with him.

I hope he's back tonight.


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