Monday, September 15, 2008

Great return from vacation....

I wish. AK on a AKx board....get it all in. Villian has AA.

30 seconds later on another table. AK on a Kxx board. Get it all in. Villian has AA.

Sweet, down 2 buy ins in 10 minutes.

Break time.


  1. Actually going with AK all in is a weak game. Only to play against drunk people. Actually it is a slight underdog compared to 22 for example.

  2. To previous anonymous poster your comment is wrong compared to what i see that happened.

    Most poker players especially bloggers will know enough about poker to know that a pocket pair is a favourite against AKo but if you read the above situation you cannot call it a weak game. The flop has been dealt in both occasions. You also dont know the stack sizes, pot size and who is doing the betting/calling. You cannot summarize it as easy as 'weak game'

    Unlucky Dubs. sh*t happens. You will get your fair share of AA vs AK in your favour. We are here for the long term game right ? :)

    Ill have to rail you one of these days.

  3. i agree to some railing =0

    I can tell when my focus is "on" and when it's "off." still working on strategy post...making a post now to explain why the delay.

  4. True I do not see what does "all in" means in terms of pot size.
    But generally my view is that playing 1 pair to all in is not a strong play. In case you have a flush draw or a straight draw then maybe....
    But the main rule: small hand small pot big hand big pot.