Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now 9 tabling comfortably.

I've set up a AHK script (I'll post a copy if interested, just let me know in comments) where i can press CTRL+ QWEASDZXC to quickly move a table AND re-size to a desired location:


I have a bit of overlap on ASD but at least everything is decent sized; I'll post a full-sized screenie in a bit.

As a result, I'm rolling in rakeback, I'm crushing for a 9ptBB (18bb/100) rate and I'm getting in over 1.2k hands per 2 hours. I suggest this only if you have control of the basics which I'm finding I do at 10NL due to my long-term winrate I've been able to maintain at this limit.

My graph for August:

And here is why everyone should play with rakeback. My graph with rakeback:

PS - I'm also almost back to 25NL. Woohoo!

Here's the screenie. Please note that I can see the entire table on the bottom row. MSPaint couldn't allow the full screenshot for some reason.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going to be posting more...

as my daily commute motivates me more and more to become a pro poker player some day. 45 minute commute is now 1 hr+. F' that noise.

For real though, I will be posting more. I'm going to try 12 tabling for the next few days just to see how I can do.

More later.


(PS -> having rakeback is turning out to be huge; if you don't have it, sign up for it by clicking the linkage to the right).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Haven't posted in a while....

Because I lost my game....seriously cannot win over the last 2+ weeks. Was up +$200 at one point last month after being down $90.

I'm now back to where i started because of bull$hit like this (keep in mind this is at 5NL, pot is equivalent of almost 3 buyins):

$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem
6 players
Converted at

UTG ($6.12)
Hero (UTG+1) ($13.37)
CO ($10.79)
BTN ($5.00)
SB ($15.98)
BB ($6.75)

Pre-flop: ($0.07, 6 players) Hero is UTG+1

1 fold, Hero raises to $0.20, CO raises to $0.35, 1 fold, SB calls $0.33, 1 fold, Hero raises to $1.50, CO folds, SB calls $1.15

Flop: ($3.40, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $2.45, SB calls $2.45

Turn: ($8.30, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero goes all-in $9.42, SB calls $9.42

River: ($27.14, 2 players)

Final Pot: $27.14
Hero shows:
SB shows:

SB wins $25.84 ( won +$12.47 )
Hero lost -$13.37
CO lost -$0.35

Since July 1st I am a whopping 20 buyins under All-in EV. That doesn't count coolers and the like. Man i'm f'in pissed at poker right now.

EDIT: LOL - as soon as I posted this I coolered someone where we both had a straight with my 8T vs his 85 on 679xx board. And then had TT hold up vs two half stackers w 99 and AKo all in preflop. I have not posted all this time because i don't like bitching about bad luck and coolers.... perhaps i need to change that philosophy?