Sunday, May 30, 2010

Session become brutal...

Down 4-6 buyins. EV stat says i should be breakeven. joy.

Playing Micro FR

Decided for the time being that I'm going to focus on FullRing games. While I truly enjoyed HU SNGs (and did pretty well over a very small sample size), with a 6 week old baby, it's nearly impossible to not get interrupted while trying to finish a match.

With FullRing cash games, I'm able to load up a bunch of tables and leave or time out whenever I need to in order to take care of my little girl.

As a result, I've been able to get in quite a few hands whenever I have a few free moments. So far so good. On Doyle's I've broken even after initially dropping 8 buy-ins in a spewy tilt-infested session on my initial go around. I'm pretty happy with my recovery. 33% rakeback is very helpful and is resulting in a decent run.

On Stars, I'm up 10 buy-ins over 7600 hands for a nearly 15bb/100 rate. Having a bit of a rough session at the moment with coolers, but playing pretty well through it and breaking even. Something interesting, over my 7600 hands so far, nearly all of my winnings are from non-showdown. Definitely not what I expected.

I'm currently running 6-8 tables on Doyle's while simultaneously running 8-12 tables on PokerStars. I'll try to keep you updated.

By the way, I've found some new blogs that are poker-focused and entertaining as well. I'll post up some links eventually. For now, baby is wanting my attention. Adios for now.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Messing around...

Experimenting with a variety of games at the moment when I have free time. Enjoying HU SNGs at the moment. Just call me waffles...Mr. Breakeven. But they're quick, low variance and somewhat tiltless endeavors. I'll let you know if I head in any certain direction.