Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 more days...

Until I get hitched. Woohoo me!

On the poker front, been playing well. Won 4BI's on FullTilt without too much effort while 3 tabling. Additionally, Cardrunners has given their website a face lfit and have actually come out with a couple really solid videos, one especially designed for micro-grinders.

I'll be back in approx 1.5 weeks. I'll be upping my play time then. Expect more and better posts then.

While you enjoy your daily grind for the next week and a half, I will have gotten married and will be floating in the Pacific Ocean on a nice, relaxing cruise.

Take care,

DubsPoke aka ZoninoDP (FT)

Monday, August 25, 2008

How can I blow this...?

Chipleader in $30k guarantee ($10+1 buy-in) on Pokerstars. 36.7k in chips. 1200 players left. I'm in a position I've never been in. Huge stack in middle of tourney.

Wish me luck.


Update #1: got up to 55k which put me at 22 with 365 (bubble at 342). Then ran JJ into 26k stack KK. I had been pushing him often postflop, when he shoved pre, I figured I was against a TT or below, possibly racing. he showed KK. Down to 26kish. 121 out of 352. Damnt.

Update #2: bubble has burst. 100/340 remaining. 31.5k stack blinds at 600/1200 A125. Been a while since I've played after the bubble. Planning on sitting back for a few minutes to see how it plays. I have a pretty loose image going as well. Going to tighten up a bit for a while. This the optimal style post bubble?

Update #3: crippled. AQ < 77 all-in for 100k pot AFTER the flop. 7 on turn. @(#*@#@#%%_)*(#@$_#(*@%)(*#@_)(_%)#(*$. Out at 135 of 3006 runners was good for $39.08. A whopping $28 profit for 4 hours of play. I love playing these things and I have no doubt that I'm good enough to make money from these things. Unfortunately the static/distraction that happens once my beloved E arrives home makes it almost impossible to stay focused. Not her fault, she just wants to talk and be around me.

Sigh. Wish I could be a pro and just play all day.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Post #150: One More Week

Until the Wedding. 7 days. Can't wait.

Things have been calming down which has allowed me to get on the tables a few times. Good success. Game focus has been awesome.

I've taken 2 shots at the $10+1 $30k guarantee at 19:00 on PokerStars (4pm arizone time, 7pm EST). Both times I've capitalized on good reads and a loose image to get up to 10k shortly into the 2nd hour.

But that has put me in a position I haven't been very often. In the 2nd hour of a tourney with an above average stack. I've continued my aggression especially as we approached the bubble.

But then I made a mistake both times to go out about 50 or 60 shy of the bubble. Good enough to beat over 2500 other donks but not good enough to get any cash.

Game 1: I'm in BB with A7. Min raise from active UTG+1 player. Flop is 345 rainbow. Villain raises small. I float intending to bet any turn if checked to me. 7 turn. Nice. I bet. He shoves. 4k more to be put into the top 100 if I win. I call. He has 66 and I go home. Absolutely terrible terrible play by me the entire way. I had lost my focus (fiance got home plus a phone call) and I paid the penalty.

Game 2: Got put on life tilt again as we neared the bubble. Decided to call a midstack shove over my late position raise with 55. AQ. Q on flop. Knocked me down to 2k and I wasn't able to get the needed double or triple. Dumb play by me.

What I am very happy with is that I was in position to make those mistakes. I'm thisclose to a breakthrough here. A 5k first place would be very nice.

Plus my cash game is paying for my entry fee so my bankroll has been unaffected. Cash is going well. My reads are good. My positional play is good. I still hate variance but, eh, who doesn't?

And just to let everyone know, I'm cheering for Waffles in his challenge. For some odd reason, I like the guy and his attitude. Keep it up bud.

Take care,

DubsPoke aka ZoninoDP

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still here...

haven't been 2 weeks....

more updates at a later time...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Forced Break at a Good Time

Been running terribly (for example, KK cracked by QTo, 73o, QQ and coolered into AA 3 times! I have the dbase to prove it too!) I have also been playing pretty terribly as well. Way to loose, calling too often. Need to get back to controlled aggression.

Anyways, the reason for the forced break is not because of my poker results but for something much more exciting. My fiance and I are moving into our first home! Movers arrive today. New furniture tomorrow. Washer/dryer and a new TV (42" baby!) arrives on Sunday.

Cable (and therefore internet) won't get installed until Sunday too. Thus the forced break.

I'll be back.