Monday, August 25, 2008

How can I blow this...?

Chipleader in $30k guarantee ($10+1 buy-in) on Pokerstars. 36.7k in chips. 1200 players left. I'm in a position I've never been in. Huge stack in middle of tourney.

Wish me luck.


Update #1: got up to 55k which put me at 22 with 365 (bubble at 342). Then ran JJ into 26k stack KK. I had been pushing him often postflop, when he shoved pre, I figured I was against a TT or below, possibly racing. he showed KK. Down to 26kish. 121 out of 352. Damnt.

Update #2: bubble has burst. 100/340 remaining. 31.5k stack blinds at 600/1200 A125. Been a while since I've played after the bubble. Planning on sitting back for a few minutes to see how it plays. I have a pretty loose image going as well. Going to tighten up a bit for a while. This the optimal style post bubble?

Update #3: crippled. AQ < 77 all-in for 100k pot AFTER the flop. 7 on turn. @(#*@#@#%%_)*(#@$_#(*@%)(*#@_)(_%)#(*$. Out at 135 of 3006 runners was good for $39.08. A whopping $28 profit for 4 hours of play. I love playing these things and I have no doubt that I'm good enough to make money from these things. Unfortunately the static/distraction that happens once my beloved E arrives home makes it almost impossible to stay focused. Not her fault, she just wants to talk and be around me.

Sigh. Wish I could be a pro and just play all day.


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