Monday, June 29, 2009

June Results and a Dilemna

Well...not much to say but that I absolutely crushed the month of June. My best cash results over a full month since I've started tracking. I doubt I'll be able to play at all tomorrow due to work commitments so results below a day early.

My bankroll is at its largest point that I can ever remember. I actually have over 30 buy-ins for 50NL but have not ventured into that area. I'm kinda in a place of lingo.

Here's the problem. AP has a Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) which results in extra rake being taken out of every pot on 50NL tables+. While there are some tables that don't have the BBJ rake, most (and the softest) tables do. From what I can tell, BBJs are severely negative EV.

2nd part of the problem. I don't like playing on AP/UB as I feel like I'm sort of endorsing their poor customer relations and very shady past history. I'd much rather play on an accredited site like FullTilt or PokerStars.

3rd part of the problem. I can't get rakeback on FullTilt because of their stupid f'in policy (sorry for the rude language but it really does piss me off) of not allowing old accounts to be credited to new rakeback providers. Seeing as how I created this account at a time when I didn't even know what RAKE was, much less rakeback, I'm pretty perturbed. Additionally, they won't even tell me who I signed up THROUGH so I can't negotiate with anyone either.

So that leaves me with Pokerstars or Cake poker. Not a fan of the games available on the Cake network and definitely don't like their lobby/software. So that leaves Pokerstars. I like Pokerstars, a lot. However, the lack of rakeback is a concern. And, from what I understand, the games are tougher as well.

All this boils down to a tough decision. For now, I see myself continuing on at AP to see if my winrate can withstand the cost of the BBJ rake. Please let me know your thoughts as well as I'm very torn with this decision.

And speaking of's my winnings summary for the month of June:

While I have ran well (i.e. breakeven on the All-in EV), I believe there are quite a few other factors resulting in this mini-breakthrough. I'm not exactly playing tight (especially at FR games). More on that later. But for now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the fact that I've somehow managed to win over $800 playing 10NL and 25NL in a one month period.

Hopefully next month I can double that while playing 50NL for a full month. I'm nervous and excited and can't wait for the challenge.

Only now to decide where I will be playing at....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A fun results sheet for the month of June so far...

I don't think the results below the top line are possible without that top line....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mixing it up...

While some folks focus on "specializing" in one game or variation (6max, FR, HU, etc), I'm finding better success by mixing it up.

For example, I crushed HU at 10NL banking a very significant (and in my opinion, unsustainable) winrate of 47.38 bb/100 over approx 5k hands. This swelled my bankroll so I started taking shots at 25NL HU.

And got crushed for about 8 buy-ins at that level. Played poorly, ran worse, tilted a bit for the first time in a while, and finally did not table select well (by choice to some degree as I wanted to challenge myself to get better by playing against regulars/better players).

And although I lost money, I think the experience far outweighs the negative impact on my bankroll.

So I took a short break from HU to play some 6max. And crushed it over a small sample size, winning back a majority of my losses at HU. The game just seemed soooo much slower. My understanding of opponent's hand ranges, player types, etc. were much much more accurate. I'm extracting good value from my big hands and my not so good hands.

So after a couple days of 6max, I decided to play some FR. Ridiculous how soft these games are. Utilizing a much improved understanding of player type, table dynamics, knowing what my own image is, I'm finding a huge amount of success at the FR games. I think with so many training sites having such a big focus on HU and 6max, that you now have 2 types of FR players: the super NITs that mass multi table and are exceptionally exploitable and then the casino donks - those that play FR at the casinos and then decide to try online (play 50%+ of hands for example).

For example, tonight I ran pretty hot playing a whopping 4 tables of FR winning 6 buy-ins in 1.5 hours and 360 hands. While, yes, I ran very hot; I also exploited the hell out of my opponents with my big hands getting them to commit their stacks to me.

For example, I tilted one player by continously attacking when he showed weakness. He decided that he was going to make a stand for 65 bbs by 4bet shoving AJo over another one of my 3bets. He ran into my AKs. After reloading, he slams AQo by raising 6x PFR, I flat. KQx flop, he pots it and shoves over my minraise. Whoopsie. My AK has him crushed; he curses a bit, reloads again and sucks out on someone else for a stack. His tilt fades and I avoid giving any of my stack back to him.

Oh well, starting to ramble. With a bankroll over the 1k mark, I'll probably mix some HU back in as I continue to flip between soft games at 6max and FR. Good luck to all of you out there.

And seriously consider playing some HU just for the experience.


PS -> It will also help your tilt control! More on that later.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving up to 25NL...

Going to take a few shots and see if I can continue to run hot at 25NL HU and 6max.

Will keep you all updated...

+9 buy-ins.....

For the day, up 9 buy-ins at 10NL playing a whopping 2, yes only TWO tables, at a time. One 6max and one HU.

59bb/100 so far for the month at HU play. 37.75 bb/100 at 6max. How long can this heater last!?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I suggest everyone play HU....

Not even necessarily for making money but simply for learning how to read an opponent at a faster rate.

I've only played about 3600 hands of 10NL HU since returning to AP. While I've managed to crush it for nearly 55 bb/100, the affect it has had on my confidence in 6max is quite amazing. I've been able to adjust much much faster to my opponents. My reads have been much much more accurate. As a result, I've been able to adjust my cbets based on my perception of my opponent's range which leads to getting better more value when I'm ahead and limiting losses when I'm behind.

Combined with tourney results, rakeback, and reload bonus, I'm up about 9 times my initial buy-in from this past Sunday. I'm thinking I'm going to run the BR up to $1k before I jump to 25NL just for comfort sake. We'll see if I can be patient enough to work towards that goal.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Might as well toss in a deep run in a small tourney....

The bankroll is now in very good shape considering I only had $75 last Sunday....

Heater Continues....

Won another 5 buy-ins in about 2.5 hours yesterday playing a combo of HU and 6max (1 table of each is all!).

Had a very entertaining session where my opposition was overbetting every river in which he had a decent made hand. He got me a couple times with this move. He also coolered me pretty hardcore when his KT ousted my flopped straight by running out a better straight (I played it passively waiting for his massive overbet...which I got).

It was way past my bedtime and approaching ridiculousness but I knew I could get this guy if I could just get the opportunity. My read had really developed on him over the past 1.5 hours. But I eventually got him:

$0.05/$0.1 No Limit Holdem
2 players
Converted at

Hero (BTN) ($33.99)
BB ($28.86)

Pre-flop: ($0.15, 2 players) Hero is BTN

Hero raises to $0.20, BB raises to $0.60, Hero calls $0.40

Flop: ($1.20, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero checks

Turn: ($1.20, 2 players)
BB bets $1.20, Hero calls $1.20

River: ($3.60, 2 players)
BB goes all-in $27.06, Hero calls $27.06

Final Pot: $57.72
Hero shows:
BB shows:

Hero wins $57.22 ( won +$28.36 )
BB lost -$28.86

I timed down quite a bit thinking that perhaps my flush was beat by a better flush. But then I determined that if I'm going to play 24s then I better be damn well ready to commit to it if I hit my hand.

He insta-quit me after the chips were shoved my way.