Monday, June 29, 2009

June Results and a Dilemna

Well...not much to say but that I absolutely crushed the month of June. My best cash results over a full month since I've started tracking. I doubt I'll be able to play at all tomorrow due to work commitments so results below a day early.

My bankroll is at its largest point that I can ever remember. I actually have over 30 buy-ins for 50NL but have not ventured into that area. I'm kinda in a place of lingo.

Here's the problem. AP has a Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) which results in extra rake being taken out of every pot on 50NL tables+. While there are some tables that don't have the BBJ rake, most (and the softest) tables do. From what I can tell, BBJs are severely negative EV.

2nd part of the problem. I don't like playing on AP/UB as I feel like I'm sort of endorsing their poor customer relations and very shady past history. I'd much rather play on an accredited site like FullTilt or PokerStars.

3rd part of the problem. I can't get rakeback on FullTilt because of their stupid f'in policy (sorry for the rude language but it really does piss me off) of not allowing old accounts to be credited to new rakeback providers. Seeing as how I created this account at a time when I didn't even know what RAKE was, much less rakeback, I'm pretty perturbed. Additionally, they won't even tell me who I signed up THROUGH so I can't negotiate with anyone either.

So that leaves me with Pokerstars or Cake poker. Not a fan of the games available on the Cake network and definitely don't like their lobby/software. So that leaves Pokerstars. I like Pokerstars, a lot. However, the lack of rakeback is a concern. And, from what I understand, the games are tougher as well.

All this boils down to a tough decision. For now, I see myself continuing on at AP to see if my winrate can withstand the cost of the BBJ rake. Please let me know your thoughts as well as I'm very torn with this decision.

And speaking of's my winnings summary for the month of June:

While I have ran well (i.e. breakeven on the All-in EV), I believe there are quite a few other factors resulting in this mini-breakthrough. I'm not exactly playing tight (especially at FR games). More on that later. But for now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the fact that I've somehow managed to win over $800 playing 10NL and 25NL in a one month period.

Hopefully next month I can double that while playing 50NL for a full month. I'm nervous and excited and can't wait for the challenge.

Only now to decide where I will be playing at....


  1. well for the month of July im coming back to AP. Ipokers shortstacks and reg filled table is killing my winrate.

    The fishiness of the bbj tables far outweighs the increased rake imo.

    See you on there in July hopefully

  2. i do not get your a new accoutn under your wife-s name with a rakeback. It works....I had the same at an other site