Friday, September 12, 2008

The morning after...

And all is right in the world. Despite a brutal evening of poker, I'm feeling refreshed and excited about my prospects in poker.

The reason being is that I absolutely know that I am playing very good poker right now. I'm identifying the type of villian very quickly and using this to exploit them for big gains. Take out a couple of very unfortunate hands and I'm looking at a very very strong bb/100 rate.

Whereas last week, I struggled immensley with the 54/45/3 bully. I am now exploiting their aggression through a variety of means for maximum value (slowplaying big hands, calling down lightly with 2nd pair type hands when I have a good read, 3betting and 4betting light with hands that aren't dominated (suited connectors under 10 for example). Now when I see a bully, I see opportunity instead of seeing a tough session.

The TOURIST was still causing me some minor issues last night. The Tourist is your 45/8/1-2 player, the callstation. I cbet too often and got called down very lighly by these douchebags. They're the ones hitting their 2 and 3 outters on the river. Just have to be a little more careful when scare cards come and practice more pot control, less greed.

My favorite player to play against is the DRUNK. The 80/20/5 type of player. Overplays all marginal hands. Just can crush these guys.

Anyways, that's a sneak peek into what I'm working on. A lot of it is based on what I have learned from a recent CardRunners video. Basic stuff that goes a long, long ways.

That is all.


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  1. The Tourist has been killing me of late. You are winning with the same pair but higher kicker AK vs A7 and their lower card pairs up on the river when the bet is larger.

    I guess there are more times he pays you off when you beat his top pair though.

    awaiting your strategy post....