Thursday, September 18, 2008

Focus "On" = Good Results

Slowly grinding back some of my losses by really trying to make sure my focus is "on" when I'm playing. I also make sure I review some of the strategy post that I'm working on, before and while I am playing as well. As a result, I've won a couple buy-ins at FullTilt and managed to make 1.5 BIs back on PokerStars as well while maintaining control of my tables and playing an enjoyable, active style.

Speaking of that infamous post, I'm still working on it. My place of work has decided to block my ability to post through blogspot while at work (like the page shows up but the little bar at the top is blocked by the company filters).

Really hampers my posting ability because when I'm at home, I want to be playing.

Hopefully this weekend will allow me time to wrap it up.

That is all for now.

Take care,


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