Monday, July 13, 2009

Battling Tilt - The Story of July

So this month so far has been marked some insane battles with tilt.

After starting off with $90ish dollars on Pokerstars, I immediately went on a 7 buy-in downswing of run bad + tilt. Hit a low of $13 before I decided that I better play some 5NL or risk going busto for my first time ever.

And I grinded back up before another set of tilt + run bad set in. Fortunately, I was still playing 5NL so a 6 buy-in downer didn't hurt nearly as bad.

Grinded that back up to about $120ish. Sat at two 10NL tables, one horrendous beat later plus one tilt-induced terrible call led to some more losses at 5NL due to tilt.

And now, back on the upswing. Really need to focus at just saying "NH" no matter what. Sort of resets the brain, allowing me to move on to the next hand and the next villain.

That and TABLE SELECTION. If you're running bad at a table, just MOVE. Pride doesn't pay. Choosing good tables and identifying targets does.

And oh yeah, if a 40/2/1.2 fool is RAISING preflop. He probably has an Ace. Don't try to bluff him off it.

That is all.

Good luck at the felt!


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