Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the board in BBT3

One event played (mookie last night), one in the points.

Since I've seperated my bankrolls, I have decided that I will use my DubsPoke acct for the BBT3 tourney and am hoping to ramp up my appearances there so beware fellow bloggers. A donk has joined your fray.

I played fairly well last night to make it into the points. I had to push early over the top of a MP raise with J-10suited. Fortunate to see MP had 88 and the race was on. Hit a J on the flop and was restored to my original stack.

Had a big suckout when K-J straighted against a A-10 AIPF which put me at a decent 2400ish stack. Then after antes were hitting raised with KQ on the button. SB pushed all in over the top with a 2kish stack as well. I tanked for a bit, put him on Ace-decent or a lower pair and was willing to race. Surprised to see SB show up with K10 suited.

No king hit. No 10 hit. Sadly, the river double-paired the board though. So instead of jumping up to a top 15 stack I was stuck in the bottom quartile. As the bubble approached, I found A10 in mid-late position. Blinds 120/240 and I had less than 2400. I decided to push on a table that had been fairly tight. Unfortunatley, SB (Fuel55) showed up with AcKc. Flop eliminated most doubt coming AK Rag(club). Runner runner club for good measure and I was gone around 25th or 26th, just slightly out of the money.

Decided the Dookie would be fun. PLO. I pretty much had no idea what I was doing. After spewing chips early, I decided to lay back and just play big faces or connectors that were double-suited. heard somewhere that those were good starting hands. I won one pot after that. I only PLAYED TWO pots. The one pot I found AAxx double suited I raised 1/2 pot from UTG. Folds all the way around. Woohoo me.

Second pot I played I had 3456 double suited. Flop comes A23 with. I raise 1/2 pot leaving 400 behind hoping to get multiple callers. Hoyazo pushes all in (1kish more) and everyone elses fold. I call, mad that more didn't join the fun. Hoy flips up two pair A3 with two diamonds (board had one on it. Turn Jack of diamonds. Crap...there's another few outs for Hoy to join the remaing 3s and Aces. Final card. 3. of diamonds. So the flush hit as well as the Full House for good measure. I like PLO.

Anyways, that was my night with BBt3. Had a blast and am looking forward to playing more.

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