Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Restart -> 10k Hands at $10NL

So I don't have Rakeback on my "DubsPoke" tag at FullTilt. As I've noticed in PokerTracker, I'm giving FT a lot of money over time.

So I've decided to teach my fiance how to play and signed her up for an account with rakeback. ;p

"She" will be starting out at $10NL with the $200 I transferred from DubsPoke to her. The plan will be to put in 10k hands by 3 and 4 tabling $10NL a couple hours a day after work. I...errr..."she" will be sticking stricly to playing a TAG style of game. A blog on Cardrunners had this fantastic quote that struck home for me:

"Cannot build a solid house without a solid foundation" or something along those lines.

The jist of it being that you cannot expect for a house stand without having a solid base underneath it. In poker terms, you cannot expect to profit at the more difficult games/higher limits, if you don't have a very strong grasp on the basics. In poker, the basics is a TAG-style. Playing good cards aggressively from position. Once you can handle that style, then you can start to branch out or become more creative.

I had some good runs at $25 and 50NL. However, those good runs also were mixed with bad runs of greater degree because I don't have the basics mastered.

With that said, I...errr my fiance...will be re-dedicated to mastering the basics and the TAG style on 6max $10NL games. Goal is 10k hands (min 5k hands) or $500 to begin shots at $25NL. I'll keep you updated here.

I'll also be getting more into hand discussion and play style. More specifically, I want to be looking at how others have played a hand and why (good or bad) and open it for discussion. I hope you all come along for the ride.

Good luck at the virtual felt,

EK-FT: $206
DP-FT: $427 (after transfer to EK-FT)
PS: $27
Total: $660

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