Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I warned myself about the tilt monkey...

And still managed to do it. Nothing completely horrible fortunately. Had AA get stacked by 33 within my first 4 hands at a 100NL table. Instantly spewed 2 buy-ins through horrendous play at the 50NL level on two of my other tables (pretty flippin' hard to do considering I was playing just the 1 100NL table and 3 50nl tables). Then continued to get coolered at the 100NL table for a nother 3/4ths a buy-in.

Dropped the 100NL table and made back a bit at the 50NL table, but still short of where I want to be to continue at the 100NL level. I'll be back you bitches. I'll be back.

Currently reading a thread by "boywonder" on 2+2 and found this gem (which I already knew, but frequently forget/disregard):

Your mental, emotional state while playing is 80 % of the work, and you can work and take specific steps to get better at that. Being in the right emotional state will allow you to open up your eyes to what you and the other players are doing without being stuck in the previous hand you lost, how much you are up, what you´re gonna eat later, etc. Combine that with some basic technical steps that can be taken and you got the other 20% to at least achieve enough to live comfortably off poker. I believe, that with todays games and climate, anybody with even mediocre intelligence and some discipline could at the very least make a comfortable living playing this game.
- BOYWONDER - from: