Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More on my redline....

This is my graph of my January 2010 so far. The huge drop halfway is a massive cooler at 100NL followed by monkey tilt and then a period of what I fear most, residual subconscious tilt. I'm now trying to focus on what this subconscious tilt looks like.

As you can see from the graph, when I tilt, I come down with a combination of fancy play syndrome and station like tendencies. To explain further, when I am in this mode, I tend to try to get fancy against the regulars. This often leads to such spewage as stacking off with 99 in a 3bet pot on a 7 high board in a BTN vs blind situation.

The second part of my tilt is a tendency to become a bad calling station where I call preflop raises with too wide of a range versus the wrong player types. I also find myself involved in too many hands where I fire 2 streets against the 40/10, 50/20 type players with air or weak made hands. These players are not folding with any piece of the board plus any draws. As a result, I find myself folding often on the turn and river when faced with aggression.

Long story short, I've been spewing, not paying enough attention to board texture and villian type, and generally trying to force a quick upswing rather than be patient and wait for the good times to come.

Of course running like $hit at times certainly doesn't help. As I was typing this, I flop a set on a two heart board, fire a pot size bet on the flop into two players, get snapped by a 40/20 type, turn brings a spade draw out there and I fire another pot size bet, river completes the back door flush and I find myself stacked by a flopped OPES turned flush draw rivered nuts. yay.

Less than 2 hands later on my 2nd table, I play a hand terrible and get stacked w AQ in 3bet pot vs 36/23 monkey who has AK on A9XJK board. This is a perfect example of failure to prevent action on one table affecting play on another table. HAVE TO FIX THIS!

So my night went down 3 buy-ins, up 1, down 3, up 1/2, to now down 2.....sigh...

and this post turned to a good one to a shitty one real fast. sorry.

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