Sunday, June 6, 2010

My first 4 figure weekend....

A full weekend long heater plus an aggressive bankroll approach has equaled my first 4 figure profit in a weekend, spread across two sites. Considering my roll was on life support on one of those sites, I'm now back in comfortable shape.

I don't know if I should share my secret of where all the fish are hiding, because I certainly have found a HUGE pond right in front of everyone's noses.

As for my aggressive bankroll approach, I came across this site:

It advocates a high-risk method of single tabling with approx 15-20% of your roll on the table. BUT if you stick by it's hand guide/strategy, it actually works surprisingly well. I did it on Doyle's Room (yay RAKEBACK!), and went from $200 to $1200 in a week. By the way, Doyle's Room...not much traffic but very very soft games. Even the regs are pretty poor. Take the HUD away and people become clueless.

I'm not ready to reveal the other method that I crushed it fat a rate of 25.73bb/100 > 2700 hands for approx $750 in profit (w/o rakeback)....

I am certainly very cognizant that I ran EXTREMELY well this weekend. Hopefully I can continue to keep tilt under control as well as not exceed my capabilities in terms of tables and hours (aka VOLUME).

I'm also looking at turning this blog into something more entertaining. Right now, content is DRY. Sorry!

And ryverrat, if you are still stopping by...drop me a line!

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