Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30/10 Session #2 Goal

My goal is to play 1200 hands with a continued focus on making solid decisions to the best of my ability. Win or lose doesn't matter as I can't control how the cards come or how my opponents play, merely my reaction to them.

Update: Mixed results. Got a little tilty when a villain called a 4x check raise w 2nd pair and turned trips. This was shortly after having to fold AA to a 4flush river scare card that also completed a 4 card straight. This tiltiness lead to some passive fancy play syndrome that cost me about 4 buy-ins off my high. Still ended the session +2.

Things to work on:
---faster note typing
---Remember to focus on all tables. I ended up focusing a lot more on the 2 tables where I couldn't get anything going rather than the other 10 that I was having some success on. That is just plain stupid.

Will be back at it tomorrow.

Make it a good one,


VPP: 24,587.17
SN Goal: 100,000
VPP to go: 75412.83

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