Thursday, July 1, 2010

7/1/10 Session #1 Goal

Time to play: 1 hour
Hand target: 800 hands
Focus: On quality by making the best decision possible with the information that is available. Win or lose doesn't matter as I can't control the cards or my opponents, only my reaction to what develops.

Post-session analysis forthcoming.

*****Post Session Results****
Time Played: 62.7 minutes
Hands: 923
Focus: Bad at the beginning. Cut back on the number of tables and refocused. Slowly added tables back in. Played a hand poorly at the end. Also, mis-clicked 3bet w J2o in the SB and got 2 callers, didn't cb QJT flop, bet turn King and somehow miraculously took down a decent sized pot.
Overall Focus grade: probably around a B. Ended up about 3 buy-ins which is a bonus.

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