Thursday, July 1, 2010

7/1/10 Session #2 Goal

Time Target: 2 hours
Hand Target: 1400 hands
Focus: Continue to improve my play in 3bet pots. Focus on not having "runs" of bad play after bad beats/poor play. I will do this by continuing to make the best decision I can based on the information available, not based on personal animosity directed towards the villain. After all, I cannot control the cards that are dealt or the play of the villain, only the reaction I have to them.

****Post Session Review****
Focus Grade: F - Started playing somewhat spewy from the start. Playing a LAG style requires focus and a red line that is relatively flat (in my opinion). My red line started at a 45 degree angle down. Bloat and folded way too often. Didn't focus on player types but on my cards. Justified way too many a light call based on my drawing power but without realizing that I didn't have the implied odds necessary to make the calls. CBet way too often on bad boards in multi-way pots as well.
Time Target: 112.4 minutes (just shy of 2 hours)
Hands: 1658 hands. Leads me to believe I was playing too many tables, especially for how poorly I was playing. I need to start with 6 tables and then table-select the remaining ones with a max of 12 tables. Lesson to be learned from this.

Time to hit the sack.  Nice long holiday weekend and I need to make sure I approach each session with a good attitude and a focused mind.

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