Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3k hands at .10/.25 - how am I doing?

I've finally turned a profit! I'm up ~$30 after being down ~$100 after 2k hands.

I'm pretty happy with the direction my cash game is going. I don't believe the last 1k hands can be contributed to being "hot" either. Rather, it's the limiting of the mistakes that I would stack off on. I haven't been stacked in a while where I wasn't ahead when the money went in.

A big change though is table selection and better utilization of the poker tools available. I now open up 6-8 tables and let them get datamined by PokerTracker for about 10 minutes. I then identify where the most fish are (those guys playing 35% of hands or more) while trying to avoid those tables with players I know that cause me issues (typically 15-25% VPIP with 12-18% preflop raise). I then avoid playing against these players without strong hands but open it up a little against the weaker fish. I also like to take advantage of the tight passive players as well. I love it when the sit immediately to my left. I can steal blinds at will it seems like. If they do call a preflop raise, a small continuation bet usually gets them folding. If not, then I now slow down and be careful.

I've learned that it is all about adjustments. You can't play the entire table the same, instead you need to play each individual player.

Sorry for the bit of a ramble. My brain still isn't all together; I ran a 102+ temp from last Thursday until Monday due to a particularly nasty flu virus and sinus infection. While still a bit under the weather, I hope to resume regular posting this weekend.

See ya at the virtual felt,

FT: ~$375
PS: 100?

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