Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not Playing While Sick

Still under the weather so I've been avoiding playing any type of poker or really even being on the computer at all.

Did try to play yesterday with terrible results. Got stacked 2x on PokerStars effectively destroying that bankroll. The hands:

1) Ran KQsuited from Button into a limped KK. I opened for standard raise and catch top two off flop. Get it all-in on turn to see the cooler of top set vs my top two.

2) 3 hands later - I open with standard raise with AA. Get called from same player as hand 1 (who is playing about 33/8 after 250 hands). Flop 10-8-7. I raise and get flat-called. Turn brings Ace. We get it all in again. River brings 9. Of course my opponent holds J-Q and caught his gutshot straight. Dumbass.

So I stopped playing until I feel better. Another doc appt today. Hopefully some new meds that will clear this crap up.

See you at the virtual felt,

FT: $370
PS: $21

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