Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Doubled my BR on FT Tonight!

Started the night by winning not 1 but TWO buyins at $25NL Full Ring. Talk about shooting a fish in the barrel.

Didn't hurt that the first hand I was dealt was AA, 2 hands later KK, 7 hands later AA again. Good way to start the night off. From there just abused the table until I finally left up over $50.

While I was playing that, saw a normal $5 MTT starting in a few minutes. First time I've had most of the night to play poker and felt like playing so I hopped in.

Took down 2ND PLACE for a nice $300 profit!

Details coming tomorrow night. I highly suggest everyone interested in MTTs read the following article by Hoy. This man just took 3rd, 4th, and 1st in the $50 -50k guarantees in a matter of 3 weeks. Great article on preflop size raising:

I'll post details of my deep run in this micro-limit MTT tomorrow night plus screenies.

I know this isn't major to other bloggers out there that play the big stakes and 4-5 figure scores but for a low-limit grinder like myself its a huge confidence booster. Biggest win since I won a 52" flat screen TV in a rakeback tourney.

More details tomorrow.

See you at the virtual felt,

FT: $702

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