Sunday, May 31, 2009

Experimenting with HU

Since FT shut down my rake account, I've been forced back to AP. While not thrilled to be playing there, they are one of the few sites with micro limit HU. So I've been playing a combination of HU and 6max.

Started with a whopping $75 deposit; I've more than doubled that roll today alone through solid play and running well.

My goal is to build the BR to allow me to play 50NL. Once that point has been reached, I'll make the move to Pokerstars to see if I can make platinum (platinum is good for approx 20% rakeback). I do not want to continue on AP as I think the BBJ, while allowing for a ton more fish to jump on the tables, is overall a ripoff in terms of rake.

We'll see. A LONG LONG ways to go.


  1. I miss AP. My winrate has tumbled since I moved. Maybe the winrate due to bbj fish > extra rake paid.

  2. yeah, the players are really terrible there. after playing on FT and pokerstars for the past month or so, it makes it a ton easier to play against these fish.