Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uhm....make that ~19 buy-ins...

Took somebody for about 6.5 buy-ins. Sat at his table when he had $37 on a 10NL table. I proceeded to take that from him plus a few more buy-ins.

I was amazed he just kept on reloading. And I still think I missed some value in more than a few spots. It was fun playing deep like you see so often in training videos. Really does change game flow quite a bit.

Funny part is when he finally did quit me; he let me know that he was going to go play a "big" table and make it back because they play so aggressive up there.

He dropped down on a $1/2 table, proceeded to luckbox the first 5 hands for $50 profit and insta-quit his poor foe. He is the exception not the standard folks. I'm just glad he made it back; gives him more money to lose to me down the road.

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