Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another strong night....

+4.5 buy-ins again tonight. Also mixed in a 25NL game and got coolered AK vs AJ on AKJJx brd (I should have folded and even said so but didn't follow through on my read). Eventually made that buy-in back at 25NL by beating up some shortstackers.

Anyways, almost fully rolled for 25NL finally. Looking forward to continuing to cruise through the micros.

Here's my graph at 10NL on AP since I started this HEM database early this year. Approx 71k+ hands at a clip of 5.76BB/100 (not bb/100, for bb/100 essentially double my BB/100 i.e 10.4bb/100). Not bad. Take out a breakeven/bad play stretch in there and I'll take it.


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