Sunday, October 4, 2009

Impressed by DeucesCracked

Seriously very impressed. If you weren't aware, DeucesCracked has a promotion going through Oct. 4 where everyone can view all of their videos in their flash format.

I've been checking out their small/micro stakes vids. check out "Road to Robusto" by tubasteve and "uNL looseness" by BalugaWhale. Especially Episode 4 of Road to Robusto where it is purely a HEM review. More specifically, how to use filters in HEM.

Sounds boring, right? Far from it. It is filled with gems and actually shows you the impact of your leaks. Such as calling turn raises.

Here's some gems I jotted down in notepad while listening:

top 3 leaks at micros:
1) not vbetting enough
2) not folding enough on trn or rvr when raised
3) not folding enough to 3bets

In order to call PFR, need 2 of 3:
1) skill advantage (3 principles: get value, don't bluff, don't pay off)
2) card advantage
3) position advantage

Moving Up:
-Theoretically wrong to play the same game when you move up limits
-see someone 3bet a suited connector, call IP and it wil be profitable -> allows you to creep back towards

-can't be an outlier if you are not playing loose; you can be a winner playing tightly, but you can't be a massive winner

-image doesn't matter as bad players don't adjust/acknowledge
--we do need to adjust how loose we are based on how others are playing which is different than adjusting based on our image

-Lean towards being tight until you know it's a good idea to lean towards loose

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