Saturday, October 3, 2009

The dangers of "reverse tilt"

If you are not a decent HU player.

Story is short. I erupt after having my AA cracked by 74s for 100bbs, all in the flop when he just had the naked FD (i had A of diamonds too). Damn river.

Anyways, I erupt and talk some $hit to the guy and I reload my 100bbs. He gives me crap about being a pussy and not loading to the 200bb option that is available on AP.

He continues to chatter and eventually challenges me to a HU battle. I had already calmed down, recognized the error of my ways, and de-tilted. He more or less went on reverse tilt.

My read on this foe is that he was pretty much a nit/slight TAG player. In other words, get him in a HU battle and he will be lost most of the time.

I accepted his challenge. And took 3 buy-ins from him in 180 hands through solid HU play, recognizing his leaks and exploiting the hell out of him.

And life is good today.

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