Saturday, December 26, 2009

Transitioned to 50NL...

Well, didn't get to go home for Christmas. Flippin' blizzard across midwest cancelled my wife's and I flight into Omaha on Thursday and Friday. We made the best of it but I certainly missed being home for the holiday. We've rescheduled for the 2nd weekend in January. But that has allowed me a decent amount of time at the tables.

I'm finally out of micros and into "small stakes" full-time. I've been on a heater recently and this may be my best month ever. By far.

I've also made "Legend" status on UB which is a 4x multipler for UB points. Combine that with their current promotion for 3x power hour until the New year and I'm rolling in 12 UB pts per status point earned. I'm going to try to get in some good volume before the New Year as a result. With a baby 3 months away, this might be the last time I get this good of a grind in for some time.

By the way, World of Warcraft + poker = profit. I've been two-tabling while I grind away in WoW when I'm not in the mood to fire up 4 tables. My winrate during these sessions has been ridiculous. I think it's because:

-fewer tables = better reads
-less Fancy play syndrome which ties into
-willing to fold more often

anyways, back to my warrior and back to the tables. have fun ya'll.

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