Thursday, July 10, 2008

another 2.5 buy-ins gone...

lost 7 pots over $1. Hands I lost with:

AQ, AT, AK, JJ, KJ, TT, and 44.

Just flopped a set on a 3bet pot and doubled up. Only my second pot won above $1 in this second session of the night.

Forgot to include in my earlier post (part of the reason for my frustration) that I had to withdraw a bunch from my accounts so only playing on a $100 BR on FT (now down to $65). The reason for withdrawal is good, help cover costs for the purchase of a home for my fiance and I. We close at the end of the month.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend so I can really examine my hand histories and see where I'm screwing myself over. Based on the sample of hands above, I'm guessing I'm overplaying Ace-Faces a bit. Too many cbets perhaps?

It seems I'm losing a lot to the 70/30, 50/25 type of players as well. Counter-strategies?

EDIT: Sweetness. All-in for half a buy-in after the turn. Flip up my TT up against 44. River 4. Another half buy-in gone. Tell me if I misplayed this:

Update #2: and just got stacked when my TPTK (AJ) ran into a 90/45 players KK. happy happy joy joy. Guy is raising ATC for 60+ hands and the one time I give him action...

My main problem, I'm losing plenty of big hands but winning none. Even if I am ahead.

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