Friday, July 4, 2008

F U FT! (aka running like the Waffles of Old)

I can't win a big pot on FullTilt. It's getting f'in ridiculous:

Let's count his's simple. 4. 4 FIN OUTS! Pokerstove at time all money got in: 95.455% Hero, 4.545% Villian


His number of outs: 10! 10 FIN OUTS! Pokerstove Equity at time of all in: 77.273% Hero, 22.727% Villian


for good measure:

Preflop equity: 71.127% Hero vs 28.873% Villian
Flop Equity: 72.525% Hero vs 27.475% Villian
Turn Equity: 90.909% Hero vs 9.091% Villian; his number of outs: 4.

Then I tilted off QQ vs 22 (yes, the infamous 80/20 preflop is not good) on a 828 flop against a 90/42/8 asswipe when I should have easily gotten away from the hand.

Down 4 buy-ins in 50 MINUTES (yes, all of the above happened in less than 1 hour of playing while 4 tabling). despite being SIGNIFICANTLY as in WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY AHEAD on every big pot played. F U FullTilt.


  1. I had similar experience on an other side this WE....this means for me a 2 day break to get relaxed. I think on the first actually the other guy has only 2 outs not 4. If he gets 3 then you have a higher full....

  2. You're right is only 2 outs, not 4 on the first hand. Good catch.

    While I was definitely pissed when I made the post, making the post was actually self-therapeutic. It helped my brain figure out that I played my cards right. If I continue to play them correctly and get my money in this far ahead, I'll definitely win more than I lose.