Thursday, July 10, 2008

Completely dissapointed in myself...

45k hands at 10nl and I'm a slightly losing player. I'm astounded at my own incompetency.

I've always been above-average to good at most everything I've set my mind to. I've set my mind to being a profitable poker player.

yet I'm not.

Everyone says that 10NL is full of fish and is ridiculousy easy to beat.

Have they played 10NL? Do they know what they are talking about?

I have to be missing something.

I have a long weekend while fiance is out of town. Time to figure what is going wrong.


  1. Hi Dubs.

    To be honest i dont think 10NL is easy to beat for a thinking player. I can win at 25NL+ but 10NL gets me if i dont play to the most basic strategy.

    I not suggesting moving but I would bet that you would beat 25NL more than 10NL.

  2. And after all you can have a series of bat luck for days weeks even if you play the same way as before. Last month I made 230 EUR + this months so far I am in a -130 EUR. The other party have simply luck. Which includes calling all in for a flush draw and they have it. Guys with 90% calling have pocket KK against my pocket JJ-s...and so on. This is part of the game. It is difficult to get over it but you have to think that if there is a long negative series there will be a positive series as well

  3. 45K hands is nothing. Seriously. Possibly you have things to change but see how you have done at 100K hands. Also ABC does work a lot better at lower levels than higher. Cut down on c-bets and big bluffs if you play that kind of style.