Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back up once again...

During time cramps where I'm just trying to sneak in a game or two, I've been playing $6+.50 9seat SNGs on FullTilt. And I have been destroying this low-limit game. 3 games - 2 firsts, 1 second. Small sample I know but very interesting. What am I doing different in those games then in my normal limits (10+1 regular SNG).

Obviously, the blind structure is different in the 10+1. More people are willing to wait around and you see less pushing early. Additionally, the entry is higher so I would assume the level of play also increases slightly.

I definitely need to do more examining of my hand histories to see if I can spot any differences in how I play as well.

I downloaded TourneyManager yesterday as well. I like it but $40 seems a little steep for the full version. I'll have to make a decision on whether I want to purchase that. I also have the demo of PokerTracker. Unfortunately, I'm clueless on how to interpret the data. Anyone have any suggestions please leave a comment.

See you at the virtual felt,

Bankroll: $573

Edit: Played two more $6.50 9 seat SNGs over my lunch break. Got 2nd and 3rd. Should have won the one I got second in. Went into HU with a 10:3 ratio of chips. he doubled up when he caught a Q on river to beat my pocket 7s. Then crippled me when my KdQd couldn't catch against his pocket Js. Two coinflips, two beats. That's poker!~ New Bankroll: ~$590.


  1. i have tourney mgr and i love it ,,,, u can use the demo up until u played 50 , so until then you have plenty of time to decide, but if your a tourney guy or an sng guy then the $40 is well worth it ,..

    you were missed by my weekly bounty tourney , ill see you next week

  2. Hi,

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