Friday, December 14, 2007

Entered my SNG results into PokerTracker

Took a couple hours but I entered all my results from SNGs into PokerTracker. I'll post the stats tonight and we'll delve into what means what and hopefully identify some areas to work on.

Played well in the Riverchasers last night. Got knocked out by DrPauly who made a gutsy all-in push with A-9. I had made a standard raise from the button with A-8. DrPauly had been playing pretty loose all night long. Also influencing my decision was about 5 hands earlier, I crushed him when I flopped two pair K-Q from SB and he pushed all-in with only K-9. He stole several blinds in between so I figured this was another case of his attempt to steal. I defended stupidly.

I have got to remember table position. I could have given up my hand and had at least one more orbit to catch something good and still have some fold equity if spotted a spot steal. Oh well. Next time.

In brighter news, I dominated $10 SNGs again. 2 Firsts, 1 second, and a 9th (bad read when I held pocket 6s vs someone who ended up havng pocket Kings.)

See ya at the virtual felt,

BR: $635.10

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  1. im having trouble using pokertracker,,, i never got it installed correctly, perhaps one day u will help me