Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally some success at $20+2

My bankroll dwindled to $560, mostly as a result of

1) playing MTTs and bloggaments outside of my strict BR rules (2% of bankroll max at any MTT or cash game
2) trying my hand at $25 buy-in NL cash games
3) playing when I'm tired or not in the mood and just donking away my hard-earned $$

So, yesterday I decided that since the $20 games are within my bankroll, I should play them until I dwindle down below the point that they are allowed under my bankroll management system (5% * x = $22 -> $22/.05 -> x = $440.00).

First game - Play solid and take a big chip lead early. Then get dumb, raise from button with k-10 sooooted and SB reraises all in for an additional 800 chips. I should have folded immediately but of course that is not what I did. Typed in "alright, let's gamble." Not much gambling when he flips over A-K, flop comes A-K-rag and I'm drawing dead after the turn. So that put me at even chips and then we headed into a 4 way marathon that would see everyone short-stacked at some point and everyone a chip leader at another. Blinds hit the 250/500 point before I broke through and trapped the midstack with a flopped straight beating his TPTK. From there I played the BigStack well and cut the legs out from my opponents for a 1st place on my first game of the night.

2nd game - Typical donk play by me although I knew better. 2nd or 3rd hand of the game, I get Kc-Qc on the button. Several limpers to me so I raise 3x BB. Get called by SB, BB, UTG, and Cutoff. Not exactly what I was aiming for. So I literally said out loud, if I don't get two pair or better I'm folding to any raise or check-raise. Flop comes K-J-4 rainbow. Checked all the way around to me. I continuation bet of half-pot (remember I'm being careful so don't want to put too many chips at risk). Folded around to cutoff who tanks for a bit. Then goes over the top and doubles my bet. I, like the fool I can be, call. Turn comes rag and I fire again. he goes all in over the top for our last 700 chips. Crap. Why did I put myself in this position?!

And then I make the dumbest of all poker players. Pushing all your chips in though YOU KNOW YOU ARE BEAT and most likely drawing dead! We flip over our cards and my pair of Kings+ queen kicker is dominated by two pair K-J. Well, that was $22 wasted.

3rd game - Extremely extremely loose game here. 2nd hand of the game a decent pot is built. around $560 or so. UTG makes a continuation bet of 3/4 pot. UTG+2 pushes all in on the rag flop. instacall by UTG who shows A-A. UTG+2 shows K-6off. No pair. One overcard. No flush draw. Turn gives him a gutshot straight draw. River gives him the straight. Wow.

So at this point, I just sit back on my heels and wait. All of a sudden I'm heads up down 5:1 on chips to the chip leader. It goes quickly but I take home a nice 2nd place profit.

During these festivities, I also was playing $5 SNGs at PokerStars. Managed to win a couple in a row and pushed that bankroll from ~$80 to $115.

I then decided to call it for the night as i was a) hungry b) getting tired c) been playing for almost 4 hours.

So what's the point of all this rambling?

Play when you are in the mood to play and don't over-extend yourself. Play within your bankroll rules. Finally, listen to yourself; you just may be smarter than you give yourself credit for.

See you at the virtual felt,

FT Bankroll: $643
PS Bankroll: $113

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