Thursday, December 13, 2007

One Game. One Win. Simple Enough.

Typical $10 9seat SNG. Get blinded down through first 3 levels not really playing anything, perhaps picking up the blinds every once in a while when I woke up with a-k or a-q. Beginning 4th level become a little more active on the button. Finally get down to 5 players and I'm the lowstack. Double up when my 8s hit trips off the flop. Hang around a bit more. Down to 4 players and I'm again the shortstack at the table. Big stack doubles the other slightly bigger shortstack. Big stack doubles the 2nd stack. I'm no longer the small stack. Former bigstack now gone. Bubble popped and we're down to 3. Time to get active.

But before I can midstack overplays ace-mid kicker vs big stack and is gone. Now its just me with a little over 2k vs around 11k. Double up when my a-j beats k-2. Double again when I wake up with pocket 8s again and he misses on j-4. Now we are about even and the games begin. I make a re-steal with qs-js and am suddenly up 3:1. Two hands later I flop trips and send him packing.

So that makes 5 first place finished in my last 8 games in the $10+1 9seat SNGs. Why do I try other games?

Because I know that $10+1 SNGs won't get me to where I want to be as a poker player. Playing poker is about challenging yourself to keep getting better. You don't get better by playing one game, one limit. You get better by playing "uncomfortably." For example, it's well documented that I'm not comfortable at the cash game. Out of 10 sessions, 8 have been losing sessions where I typically lose a full buy-in. But I know that's where the pros make the most consistent cash. Therefore I need to continue making the effort, continue to learn from others, and continue to fix my leaks in that game. Fortunately, my low-limit SNG game will help cover my losses while I learn.

AND I am going to STICK BY THE RULES of Chris Ferguson's Bankroll Management system. 2% of Bankroll on any MTT or RING. 5% towards any SNG. No more $24k guarantee until I have the bankroll to pay for it.

See ya at the virtual felt,

BR: $599

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