Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Goals

Time to state my goals for 2008:

1- STAY BOUND TO MY BANKROLL RULES! I seriously need to stop donking it up and playing MTTs I have no business in playing yet. I love taking shots at the $24+2 $24k guaranteed on FullTilt. However, my bankroll rules do not allow this. The point of bankroll rules is to build my bankroll and prevent myself from buying in at levels that are not appropriate. If I want an MTT experience, I'll stick to the $5 and lower buy ins until my bankroll allows for larger investments. Either that or satellites.

2- Become a consistent cash winner at the micro stakes and slowly go up as my bankroll increases. I'm currently break even in cash games. Now I need to go even farther.

3- Read my books! I have Harrington's book as well as Doyle's SuperSystem yet haven't read them or studied them. Just owning them isn't enough, I need to READ and STUDY them as well! I will also be looking to purchase and READ/STUDY 3 more books of esteem before the end of 2008.

4- Make $10k in 2008. To some this isn't much. To me, it is a fairly lofty goal but achievable if I play smart, consistent poker.

Those are my 4 goals so far. I'll be adding more as I think about it more.

See ya at the virtual felt,

FT BR: $785
PokerStars BR: $105


  1. Happy New Year! I wish you much luck with your 2008 goals. I wrote an article on this topic on my blog. Check it out. I have been writing a lot more recently so keep reading. By the way, I noticed that your PokerStars bankroll is low. You should try and play some more on that site as the low-stakes games are pretty loose and a TAG style game is very effective in building a bankroll. If you want to do it on the side $2 at a time they have limits as low as $.01-$.02 as well as $.02-$.05. It is a good way to learn cash game play.

    I challenged myself once and played an entire month of those limits as well as $.04-$.08 7-Stud and did rather well. Even if you make $4 a night that's about $120 in one month (I did better than that because I played at least three tables and played endless hours each night). It is also a good way to learn to multi-table, a very profitable skill to learn, without risking a lot.

    Good luck,
    The Monster Stack

  2. PS is a pretty loose game. My bankroll there is fresh and hasn't had a lot of action as I've been working mostly on FT. I did double my initial deposit at PS in less than a week but haven't been back much to play more. I like the idea of playing the low-limit cash games there to learn how to adjust from SNG to cash and back. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I'll probably continue to play a couple $10 SNG at FT as I dominate these games (just wait until I post my updated stats for these games) and will play cash at PS for now.