Friday, January 25, 2008

20/11 and Fixing Massive Leaks

21/11. Terrible. 20/11. Simply terrible. 21/11 is my PokerTracker stats through 1k hands at $10NL.

21/11 is my VPIP and Preflop Raise rates. Basically it means I voluntarily put money in the pot 21% of the time (in essence any time I play a hand outside of BB and do not raise when I am in BB). 11% - the number of times I raise preflop.

So why does I consider this terrible? Because it means that I am playing relatively loose (not maniac fortunately) and calling preflop way too often with marginal hands. For the level I am being forced to play out (BR mgmt), I need to being playing TAG or, in PokerTracker terms, ideally around 15-20 VPIP with about 15-20% Preflop Raises. This means that I'm calling other people raises less frequently and instead putting the decision on them to act.

Which leads me to my next point. Identifying leaks and TRYING to fix them.

1- I fire 2 bullets way too often at the micro level. It's amazing how many people at 10NL will call 3/4 pot bets with only middle pair all the way down to the river after calling a preflop raise. I've cost myself a pretty penny by continuing to bet at them with my A-Q on a jack high board with them calling me down with a pair of 8s and no draws.

2- Calling. period. I've become one of those idiots calling down with middle pair hoping that my other card will hit. Especially true when I'm playing Ace-rag from the blinds and catch the rag.

3- Blinds play. Way too loose. Only premies should be played from here. Don't raise without premies here. If there are any limpers preflop around to you, raising pot (.35 typically at 10NL) the limpers will call and then #1 happens all over again. You are out of position and have not made a hand.

4- Betting/calling without made hands. Another hemmorage area. Weak draws, low pockets.

5 - Low pockets. Need to look at stack sizes and implied odds if you hit the set. Once again at 10NL, very little reason to be raising with low pocket pairs preflop.

6- Need to mix up weak/aggressive plays, even at this level. If you raise every time you have an ace, eventually someone will pick up on you. See #1.

7- Luck has got to turn. I had pocket Aces 4x yesterday in a 2 hour session. They got cracked 3x for huge pots.
AA first time (should have just quit after this hand): Pot sized raises preflop, on the flop, with the turn putting Villian all in. his hand 3-5. Offsuit. River gave him a 6 high straight. Nice play dumbass.
AA second time: AA vs QQ got it all in preflop for $30+ pot (at 10NL, that's huge). Flop A-QQ. After losing this hand, I went from being at $40 profit to ending at -$20. KK got outdrawn by JJ (4 card flush) 3 hands later.
AA third time: AA vs K10 all in preflop for $18. Flop- QJ3 Turn- 8 River- 9 Nice play dumbass.

So after having my BR crushed due to personal expenses, I have now hemorraged 6 buy-ins at 10NL. I have approx 30buy-ins left. Plenty for the limit, just need to improve on the items above.

This weekend will be a nice little break as I'm taking the fiance to LA for the Garth Brooks concert on Saturday night. I need the breather to get my head right.

When I return, I will be playing $5 SNGs to rebuild back up a little bit. My SNG and MTT game is still relatively solid (especially compared to my cash game). I finished in the top 1/3rd of the Mookie getting crippled to the eventual winner when my AcQc wasn't good enough versus his A8off (Flop- 10,4,5 Turn-6, and yep, of course River-7) when we were down to 3tables.

So, obviously I'm a little frustrated with my game right now. When I get back, I'm also going to research how to make videos of my playing. I have found it helpful to actually talk out loud the hands as they happen. Might as well let you all see in what I'm actually doing and what my thoughts are and see if you can help me correct a few of my more glaring leaks.

See you at the virtual felt,

FT: ~$300
PS: ~100 (haven't played there for a while, may switch over to see if games are any weaker. Additionally, is there rake better there? Unfortunately, I wasn't aware Rakeback existed until I already had a FT account so I do not receive that benefit either.)

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  1. Truthfully speaking, there is no correct way to play. I mean that literally. There is absolutely no specific image that you should be using at the table. When you sit down at a table, loose-aggressive might be correct for that session. Or perhaps playing one out of one hundred hands is correct. Or maybe even raising every hand you are dealt. If you start trying to play to a number you will only find yourself losing money. Although TAG is usually the most profitable way to play given a random game, it is by no means the "correct" way to play poker. Adjusting to the table is key to winning any particular session. I like to start off as a TAG player at the table until the table dynamics tell me otherwise. This way I adjust along with the table but at least have a plan going in. Trust me. Forget the numbers. BB/100 is probably and important number and the bottom line is important. Just remember not to take the numbers for all your session and think they have to be a certain way. Each session is different and the way you play should depend squarely on how the table "tells" you to play. Poker Office, which is basically the same as Poker Tracker but in my opinion better, allows you to overlay each plays numbers on the table. It makes it very easy to spot the maniacs and the tight players and therefore, allows for easier adjustment to the game. I am going to write on this topic when I get around to it. Or maybe I just did. LOL.