Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reading "Super System 2"

And I have to say I like what I'm reading. So far I've completed the introductions and the "Mad Genius" section. I'm up to "Small Pairs" in Doyle Brunson's NLHE section.

I truly appreciate the way Doyle's section is written in an odd kind of way. It is very personalized, i.e. it's like you are sitting down with him and receiving a master lesson in poker. His thoughts on slowing down with AA with 3 card straights and 3 card flushes on the flop were something I've never considered before. Whenever I've gotten AA in the hole, I plow on indiscriminatly.

I've also been rolling around his thoughts on always attacking the pot, taking down the little ones so he can afford the big ones. Unfortunately, I can't go into too much further detail until I finish the book. I will then provide a more full review.

Now I'm sure most of my fellow bloggers have read this book. What was your opinion? What idea altered your game signficantly?

See you at the virtual felt,

FT: $310 ->gotta love $5 SNGs...I continue to dominate these 4 out 7 cashes - 2 first, a second, and a third last night.
PS: $67 -> this will be my cash game experiment for the time being. Plan to sit down at 1 $10NL table and grind it out until I figure it out.

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