Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Interesting hand...need input

So my lunch break poker has gone from turbo SNGs to .10/.25 no-limit hold'em (according to bankroll rules 5% x $800 = $40 so $25 max buy-in fits). I had this hand come up today:

Table: .10/.25 6max NL Hold'Em Ring Game
Folded around to Villian on button who limps. Villian has been semi-tight but limping and raising from button often. SB folds. I raise 4x BB to $1 from the BB with 6c7c. Villian flat calls.



So I flopped the nuts more or less. I check. Villian raises pot. I flat call.

Turn: 2h

I check again. Villian raises 3/4 pot. I run down the clock and call with about half my time bar left.

River: 9s

Now I don't know what to do. I've been playing the hand like I have faces or ace high or possibly on the flush draw. I decided to bet out around half the pot for value. Villian folds relatively quickly. How could I have gotten more value out of the hand?

Was the river bet a poor idea? Should I have checked down to see if I could get him to fire another bullet or was the scare card already too much? I think the smarter play would have been a small raise on the turn.

I'll post a cleaner recap from PokerTracker when I get home but for now this will do. Look forward to your input.

See you at the virtual felt,


P.S. - My cash game is improving. 0 losing sessions in 7 tries on the ring game in 2008. profit of $50+ on micro limits of .05/.1 and .10/.25. Will post stats later.


  1. I think the best move is to either raise on the turn, or keep with your gameplan and check the river and see if he'll bet out again. Given his fold it doesn't appear he had anything, so it's entirely possible that you got everything out of him that you were going to get.

  2. He had nothing. But that doesn't mean the hand was played correctly or incorrectly. I generally bet the flop with a big hand. Something I like to do is bet the flop with a huge hand like this and then check-raise the turn. The reason is that if you raise pre-flop and hit, and then don't bet, you become predictable. It looks as though you check when you hit and bet when you miss. If you bet the flop it looks like a continuation bet and you might get called by A-J high. If you then check the turn, you are pretending to be weak, like you bet the flop when you missed and then checked the turn to not lose any more money. The problem with the river bet is it went check-call, check-call and then bet when the third spade fell on the river. It looks like a draw. As safe as this flop looks you are giving over pairs a chance to catch up for free (although you did have the third nuts here, excluding the two straight flushes - 8s5s and 10s8s - that were possible but unlikely and would pretty much have to stack off if you were beat). But don't get too predictable with this play either. If you always bet with a big hand and check-raise the turn you won't get much action from good, but lesser hands. The key is to mix it up. Bet the flop and turn with a big hand occasionally. Let the players dictate the action. Loose players will usually bet when it is checked on the turn.

    Don't you wish he had had 6-2?

  3. Dubs,
    I watched your K-K and Q-Q get busted in a $10-$1 SNG on FTP tonight. Ouch. You know what they say: don't tap the glass. You'll scare the fish. If you berate the bad play of your opponents, one of two things will happen. Either they will get better or they will stop playing. Neither of those options is good for you. K-K and Q-Q are very profitable long term for you. You will win many SNGs when you have those hands against some of the weaker holdings of your opponents (or the holdings of your weaker opponents). Let them make those plays. Remember, don't tap the glass. Just register for the next one and forget about the last.


  4. bounty tourney , tonight at 10pm EST , password - thepokergrind , try to make it