Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Benefits of a Loose Image

Just finished yet another +3 Buy-in 1.5 hour session. Winrate now at 45.69 bb/100 > 2300 hands at 50NL.

So I've been experimenting with a pretty aggressive image recently now that I've hit some limits where it can be done a bit more effectively. With wonderful results in a very short sample size.

I'm cultivating this image by raising pretty much every unopened button and selectively 3betting weak opponents with pocket pairs, suited connectors, suited aces, etc.

More importantly, in my opinion, when I decide to cbet, I'm firing almost full pot. Every time. I believe I'm getting more folds as a result.

And then this type of stuff happens:

Getting Paid Off by a very weak hand.

The villian in this case had been playing a whopping 12/0 over 24 hands (yes, very small sample size although you can tell he is somewhat tight already). I was playing something like 44/39 over a small sample size as well on this particular table. The orbit before, he got to see me take a decent chunk from someone with 2h9h when I raised up my BB vs a SB limper and flopped two pair (SB had second pair, Ace kicker). In the hand linked, do you really think this guy would have stacked off with bottom pair if he wasn't against someone he considered a maniac?

I'm also adjusting well when I start getting played back at. I'm also avoiding playing against tough regs. If they 3bet me, I get out of the way (usually). I'm focusing on my targets, avoiding the regs, and just having a blast.

500 to go until shots at 100NL.

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