Sunday, January 11, 2009

Go for Supernova?

I've been trying to figure out if going for Supernova on Stars is:

1) Achievable for a 6max 50NL and 100NL player?
2) Worth going for rather than continue to play at AP where I have:
-----30% Rakeback
-----Credits for cash
-----Worse players, even the regs are bad.

AP's software tilts me, but the value of rakeback has been crucial for me while building my bankroll. It has helped soften the downswings and multiply the upswings.

This article discuss the merits of Pokerstars VIP Program:

As the article discusses, Supernova is where it is at. Pokerstars software is infinitely better than AP. And, oh yeah, that trust thing. Plus, I have cashed out of Pokerstars frequently with 0 issues and very fast receipt of payment. This could be important going forward.

The other option is playing at FullTilt and participating in their IronMan program. I've had difficulty finding a comparison of that program to other VIP programs. Any input is greatly appreciated!


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