Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first $400 day....


BR now only 250 shy of shot taking at 100NL.

For 5-6 hours of play, I'm making $50 a day in rakeback. Not too shabby to be making a buy-in in rakeback alone each day.


  1. Good results. Congratulations.
    But do not forget your posts back in November-December timeframe when you had a series of bad luck. Make sure that you do not become overconfident.

    Can you also provide some statistics of yours like:
    Preflop raises, flops seen, Cbet %...

  2. Excellent comment Zoltan. That's the fun part of this streak is knowing how it can end, and perhaps most importantly, why it can end.

    As Ryverrat mentions in his post, having a buddy to talk over HH with on a daily basis really helps you avoid massive week/month long stretches of monkey tilt.

    Yeah, I took some bad beats during that stretch, but I let those bad beats affect my next play which led to poor play AND bad beats. I'm hoping mentally I have moved past that point now.

    Time will tell!

    (and I'll get some stats up after I get a bit more of a sample size. 4300 hands is just not enough to see if the new LAG style is working correctly at this limit).