Monday, January 12, 2009

Treading Water....

Start off 1 buy-in down when AA gets cracked by runners. Get refocused, play solid, get back to positive ground.

Wham, bam, @#%@ @#%@#$. Two hands in less than 10 seconds apart lose to a 3 outter and a 6 outter all in on flop. Down two buy-ins with equity in the positive.

I'm now back to less than $10 down. Man this game can be frustrating. I will not be going for Supernova until I'm a consistent winner at 50NL and have 40 buy-ins banked. Then I may consider it. I love having a goal to shoot for. I don't like playing on AP because of their past history, I hate Hellmuth (or at least the persona he has created) and don't want to even remotely support the deuchebag. And I hate their software.

But for now, it is the smartest place for me to play at. eck.

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