Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Time to expand/create a new PBP as I crushed my last one.

2009 Goals:

1) To have a $1k month
2) To have a $1k week.
3) To have a $1k day.
4) To have a $1k pot (win).
5) Improve my MTT game and win an MTT with 1st being >$500.

Beginning Date: January 14, 2009
Starting BR: $1000
Initial Limit: 50NL 6Max
Next Target: $2000, 100NL

Target Winrate: 5bb/100
Hrs per day: 4
Tables: 4
Avg Hands per table per hour: 80
Total Avg Hands per hour: 320 hands an hour
Profit per hour at 5bb/100: $9.60
Total profit per day: $38.40
Plus Rakeback per day: ~$17
Days to complete: ~18

I plan on being at 100NL by February 15th.

How am I going to achieve a 5bb/100 winrate? Going to be paying close attention to the following factors:

1) TILT CONTROL. When I surpass a 2 buy-in loss in a single session, I will shut down all tables and take a mandatory break. I will walk the dog. I will clean the house. I will play Wii. I will NOT play poker. Yes, 2 buy-ins isn't much but I have to be careful since I'm playing on only a 20 buy-in roll. I have been very susceptible in the past to large downswings due to lurking tilt. Lurking tilt is tilt that is there although you are not completely aware of it.

2) POSITION. As long as you are playing position correctly, you can play LAG or TAG depending on table dynamics. I have gotten away from this and I suffered some bad swings as a result. 19/13 may not be fancy but is certainly effective at this limit.

There is no reason to play at a table on AP that has less than 2 fish. Period. If said fish are on your left and not on your right, find a better table. All you are going to do is bleed money to them as they call you down 3 streets with random crap. If you are in position, you can pot control, go for 2 streets of value and check behind the river when necessary.

4) AVOID HERO CALLS. I posted the Balbomb quote to the right for a reason. There is absolutely no need to get fancy at 50NL. Ok, you may lose a 10-15bb pot a time or two where you are being bluffed. The times you get your money in good though will far surpass any of those losses.

5) FOCUS ON BEING TIGHT IN BLINDS! Enough said. SB is the worst starting position. Why am I playing so many hands from there?!

6) STUDY and PARTICIPATE IN FORUMS. Ever since I started chatting with Ryverrat and discussing hands, beats, etc, my game has improved immensely. Forums and articles are a great way to get better while not playing.

7) PAY ATTENTION TO STACK SIZES. Not smart to raise in CO with 87o with a shorty to your left playing 40/10. They're going to call with ATC. You are going to be OOP with a marginal hand. Same when they are in the blinds. You need high card value against these donkeys.

This could be renamed "Don't be a moody bitch." The wife isn't the one sitting down at the tables. I am. The wife isn't telling AP to badbeat me back to 0. She wants me to win too. So stop being a moody bitch. When the tables shutdown, I need to release myself from the emotions tied to it.

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  1. Good luck with the Feb 15th target. Ill have to start making notes on you soon.

    Your 8 points are all good advice and Ive been suffering a little recently from not following a few of these especially Hero Calls.

    Good to see your mind is still in the game and the your outlook is positive.

    See you at 100nl soon.