Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some hands from my session today....

I'm trying to develop a loose, maniac type image early in my sessions. So far so good.

Here I get a guy to show his overs (TT):


I'm playing 28/28 over 38 hands. villian is 33/26. When he doesn't repop my 3bet, AK, KK, and AA are eliminated from his range. His flat call of my flop bet absolutely screams to me (in this particular situation) that he doesn't have a K. He isn't the type of player to be trappy; he has played his big hands fast.

I put him squarely on QQ or JJ at this point. Since my top pair is good, time to trap with a check-raise shove on turn. Hopefully he will be committed enough to call. Although I was pretty confident in my read, my adrenaline was still pumping:


Same table, a couple orbits later. Who raises 78o UTG?:


I've just crossed $300 in profit for the 2nd day in a row. Updated winrate over 2821 hands at 50NL: 46.27 bb/100.

I'm gaining approx $25 in rakeback for every 3 hours of play as well now.

Another interesting stat I just found in HEM: Average All-in Equity %.

I'm currently around 60.7%. Anyone have a clue what % is good?

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