Monday, April 7, 2008

Biggest Win/Biggest Loss - 4/6/08

Going to try a different approach to learning. Below you will find two hands. One is my biggest win from a day, the other is my biggest loss. I'm curious to learn how you would have played both hands differently. Do you shove earlier/later? Fold preflop? Also, if you could analyze the villian play as well. i will try to provide the stats of villian above each hand. Looking forward to your input.

Biggest Win ($4.50):

Villian (muckthenut): VPIP 62.50, PF Raise 12.50, AF <1 over. Sample Size: 8 hands

My analysis: I'm not sure if I played the hand poorly and just got lucky to run into a complete moron. Or if I played it brilliantly. I checked the flop planning on re-raising. No luck. Turn great card, surely someone will bet now right? Nope. DQB on the River. Now what do I do. Fuell55 says OBFV. He wins a lot of $$. Lets give it a whirl. AK? What was the villian thinking? Split pot and I was just pushing him out of a $0.31 pot? Even then, the rake will cost him more than the $ he makes if he is right and we do split wouldn't it? Agree/disagree? Would you play this hand differently? Bet your set from the get-go?

Biggest Loss ($3.48):

Villian (mozen247) = VPIP 73.81, PF Raise 28.57. AF >4. Sample Size 88 hands

My analysis: I've deleted my last 3 attempts at this analysis as I attempted to phrase why I played preflop like I did only to realize that my preflop limp is terrible and really cannot be justified. My thoughts at the time is that I want to be involved with this super-fish and only need to flop a hand to stack him. I limp. he raised as expected. I call. Flop bottom two and then....well how would you have played it differently, preflop and postflop?

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  1. I won't comment on the hand itself, but your over bet for value on the river with quads was nice. Let Fuel55 in on it. He enjoy a good OBFV.